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Landing and Ramp Fees

Starting 01 November 2023

Airport Fees & Billing:

Vector® manages the billing and payments for the Landing Fee Program on behalf of Boerne Stage Airfield. The Landing Fee Program assesses a fee based upon an aircraft’s arrival at Boerne Stage Airfield.

Payments & Account Management:

Self-Service Portal: Vector’s self-service web portal ( allows operators to:

    1. Make Credit Card payments
    2. Update account information including email and postal mail addresses
    3. View most of Vector’s airports fee structures, authorization to bill letters
    4. Enroll in electronic invoicing
    5. View account history
    6. View and download invoices to csv files for use in MS Excel
    •  Portal login, please use the operator ID and Invoice number shown on invoice.

Payment Details:

      • Credit Cards Accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery accepted. There is a service provider processing fee of 3% of the total amount paid. This surcharge fee goes directly to the 3rd party credit card processor, not Vector. This surcharge does not exceed the amount charged to Vector by the credit card processor.
      • Checks may be mailed to the remittance address shown in the upper left corner of the Vector invoice and MUST include the Invoice Number and Operator ID. Since Vector handles the billing for multiple airports, please make sure your payment is mailed to the airport payment address shown on your invoice.
      • EFT/Wire Payments- Please email to get banking details.

Contact Vector: For payment or billing inquiries, Vector can be reached at 888-588-0028 (X700 or Option 1) or by email Office hours Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Authorization to Bill: Click here to view Vector’s Authorization to Bill letter from Boerne Stage Airfield.


Airport Fee Structures:

The following are the various types of fees charged by the airport:


Landing Fees will be charged to all general aviation aircraft operating at Boerne Stage Airfield. Landing Fees will be assessed at the time of arrival using the aircraft’s FAA certified MTOW and billed by Vector Airport Systems at the following rates:

• Aircraft 0 to 3,000 pounds: $10.00 per 1,000 pounds rounded

• Aircraft 3,001 to 6,000 pounds: $6.00 per 1,000 pounds rounded

• Aircraft 6,001 pounds and greater: $4.00 per 1,000 pounds rounded


Aircraft Parking Fees per day:

(First day Parking Fees waived with minimum fuel purchase)

• Single Piston: $30 or purchase 10 gallons of fuel

• Twin Piston: $75 or purchase 30 gallons of fuel

• Single Turbo: $75 or purchase 40 gallons of fuel

• Single Large Turbo: $85 or purchase 50 gallons of fuel

• Twin Turbo: $125 or purchase 60 gallons of fuel

• Large Turbo: $150 or purchase 70 gallons of fuel

• Light Jet Single: $150 or purchase 70 gallons of fuel

• Light Twin Jet: $200 or purchase 100 gallons of fuel

• Large Twin Jet: $250 or purchase 150 gallons of fuel